Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vinyl Name Sale = $2.50

It's that time again. I'm running into a lot of scrap vinyl. Which means you get cheap names for your kiddos or for your labeling needs!

$2.50 for a 2inch tall name (if more than 6 letters add an additional $.20 per letter). Paypal only.
The $2.50 covers shipping to your house.

You pick the font and the color. I'll let you know if that color is in stock.

There are great for bedroom doors, lunchboxes, water bottle/thermos, toy chest etc. Basically anything you'd like to label. See the labeled exersaucer and water bottles below for examples.

I also have my plastic containers in the pantry labeled flour, sugar, wheat flour etc. Just another idea. Email me with your order. I'll keep this sale going to for a couple of weeks or until the scrap vinyl is gone.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Picture Walls

aren't complete without a vinyl phrase.
My friend Taly completely out did me on the picture wall - good thing we've moved and taken ours down so I don't have to stare at mine wishing it looked more like hers.

But for the sake of comparison here is what the old one looked like. Crooked frames and all.

Quick! To the batcave.

See how theme decorating just got so much easier? chip bowls
and party favors.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Above doors

Above the door is the perfect spot for something to be said.... take a look.

more bedrooms

Brilliant Idea

Is this not the coolest room ever for a little boy? My friend Jackie over at TheFabricFloozie is one of those people you'd love to hate but she's just too nice. She's a professional photographer turned seamstress and should probably be working for an interior design company as well. The bottom half of the wall is a chalkboard. I did the vinyl for blast off and the numbers. I recently cut out some astronauts and planet earth for her. Still waiting on pics... wink, wink.

Use Vinyl for Crafts

Customize your kids' things

I love how these gear bins were customized. Go Red Sox!

Advertise your business on your car