Vinyl Q&A

Can I re-use my vinyl once it's already stuck to something?
A: No, the adhesive on the vinyl is designed to stick and stay in that one place.

Will it damage my wall when I take it off?
A: I have moved in and out of several apartments with vinyl on all the walls. I have never seen it leave damage. I could see in some instances if paint isn't fully dry before application how paint peeling may be a problem.

I love the look of vinyl I just can't figure out what I want.
A: I use 2 sites where I buy already made designs. It's very easy because they've already categorized everything for you. Please browse around those sites and let me know if you'd like one of there designs. Trust me, it may make your life a lot easier looking at pre-made stuff!

Is it hard to apply?
A: No, the most important thing is putting is up straight. Please see vinyl application page for tips.

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